UO Mapistro (uovmc) Server Hosting!

UO Mapistro (uovmc) is a map application that can track the coordinates of UO clients and can grasp nearby facilities and terrain widely.

Developed as a successor to UOAM and UOC, this application has no impact on clients and can be used without resorting to any tools.

Standard support is available for both UO2D and UOSA clients.

Very fast, accurate location and sharing.

It supports Japanese and English.

To subscribe to a UO Mapistro (uovmc) server choose one of the links below!

Monthy Plan - $10/month!

Quarterly Plan - $27/quarter SAVE 10%!

Yearly Plan - $96/year SAVE 20%!!

You can download UO Mapistro (uovmc) here:


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